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I'm interested - tell me more about Kynd?

With Kynd, you can signup and apply as a Carer and Support Worker, to help locals and earn more. 

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What is Kynd?
We're empowering humanity to genuinely care, with locals helping locals, acts of kindness, smart mobile technology and a new-age community ethos. We're a community of Members (people looking for carers and services) and paid Carers (and support workers). We're on a mission to reinvent care and all-ability support!  

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For Carers & Support Workers
When helping someone with Kynd, you're helping a local. You can earn more and choose who you'll help, based on your schedule. It’s a new and innovative option. We're not an agency, or a traditional provider. You aren't applying for a traditional job (so there's no guaranteed hours). If approved, you're able to help locals.

It's a new way to offer your services, get flexible work, increase your earnings and be your own boss. 

There are options for anyone to apply and without qualifications, offer people basic support services. 

People are able to request your services directly through Kynd's App or by calling our Support Team. You're even able to promote yourself locally to your family and friends... to help yourself maximise your earnings!

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For Members, it's a simple, easy to access solution for anyone needing care, including those people paying privately, NDIS Participants and those with Home Care Packages, or other funding. There's no entry, admin or exit fees - whatsoever. You are not charged for our support. They only pay the hourly rate (or fixed rate) that you, as a Carer and Support Worker offer them. No hidden fees or charges. It's free for them to join. 

It's extremely easy to use. Create an account, setup your profile, add profiles for loved ones and search for local help. Look for people based on... location, budgets, interests, experience, skills, personality and more! 

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